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AGM 2010 - review

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INTERNET SAFETY talk will be repeated on evening of 15 November 2010 - put it in your diary now!!

Do you know who is in your daughter's room?

Guest Speaker Pat Mc Kenna of Childwatch Ireland is Founder and Director of Trusting Software, which produced the influential Barnardos Report into Hazards for Children in Computing in October 09.

They are pioneering the hugely successful 'Teen Safe Computing' program throughout schools in Ireland.
They are also are technical advisors to RTE (state television network) Prime Time Investigates for their documentary 'Crimes against Children II' shown on May 31st, 2010, and have appeared on TV3's Morning Show as well as contributing to media articles in Ireland and the United States.
about Childwatch Ireland

At our recent AGM Guest speaker Pat Mc Kenna spoke to us about the realities of the risks which face our daughters once they begin using the internet. Some of the information shared on the evening was eye-opening and quite frightening, even for those who regard themselves as "internet-savvy".

Among the topics addressed by Pat were cyberbullying, exposure to innappropriate material, risks of information sharing, predation and grooming, impersonation, file hacking, remote webcam hacking, infiltration via file sharing software and free downloads, and more. He referred to our particular exposure in Ireland where our regulation about content filtering etc is weaker than in other countries.

We have decided that the information and advice presented on the night is so important that we will invite Pat back to repeat his talk on the evening of 15th November 2010. He has also been engaged by the school to speak to students in each year with age-appropriate material, initially 1st 2nd and 3rd years on 17 November 2010.

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