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Letter from Chair

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Dear Parents

The membership of the Parents Association of Loreto Abbey Dalkey is open to all Parents and guardians of pupils attending Loreto Abbey Dalkey

The activities of the Association are quite varied and a broad range of skills need to be brought together to ensure the Association meets its objectives of

  • Promoting the general welfare of its pupils.the educational and Christian ethos of the school
  • understanding and communication between parents, management and pupils.
  • parent participation in school activities.

Recent years have seen increased activity by the Committee of the Association in the review of school policies, assisting parents network with other parents through speaker evenings and coffee mornings, development of an interactive website, as well involvement in a variety of other activities such as the Young Scientists initiative and the Sports hall project.

This year there are vacancies for parents of 1st year and 4th year pupils on the Executive Committee. Elections are scheduled for the Annual General Meeting on October 7th with nominations to be received by Monday October 4th. A proposer and seconder are required for each nomination.If you want to find out more before putting your name forward why not contact me or any one on the current committee.

If serving on a committee is not your thing there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved. Last years speaker evenings Shelia O’Malley spoke to us about Parenting Teens and Declan Coyle spoke about Self Image and self esteem. Helen Murray has generously given time on the Sports Hall. Do you have a topic you would like to present to either parents or pupils?All contributions great or small are very much appreciated.

Remember it is your daughter's education so if you would like to get involved please feel free to contact me or any member of the committee to discuss this years plans and how you could contribute.

Peter Sherry

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